Why are these squeegees better?
Our squeegees were design by professionals for professionals. Our squeegees have smooth edges and propietary, innovative designs optimized to expedite job completiong time, without sacrificing quality.

Do you offer custom sizing?
Yes, we offer custom sizes. If you need it - we will design it.

How much faster are your squeegees?
Our squeegees have been shown to apply digital prints & vinyl lettering and graphics up to 80% faster.

Do you offer tool sets?
Yes! we have a 5 and 6 piece tool set that comes with a variety of our squeegees.

How can I order?
Simple, just fill out our request for proposal with the quantities you desire or call us directly at 866.383.5512.
We are a national sign squeegee supplier and are a leader in our industry. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - our alumalite squeegees are what the proffesionals use and now they are available to everyone through our website. We have a variety of sizes and options and discounted package pricing, so whether you're starting a signage company or simply looking for tools for a project, our signage squeegees are the solution.